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The opposition denounces two deaths in Venezuela

A total of 139 applicants who passed the 2019 Family Medicine competitive examination did not apply for a position or submit documentation | Specifically, 149 vacancies were created in health centers in the province of León, divided between the 89 of the Primary Care Management of León and the 60 of BierzoICAL León

A total of 139 applicants who passed the opposition of Family and Community Medicine of the Health Service of Castilla y León, corresponding to the selective process of 2019 for access to the status of permanent statutory personnel, have not applied for a place or submitted documentation. Thus, the resolution of the Regional Health Management (Sacyl), published today by the Official Gazette of Castilla y León (Bocyl) and collected by the Ical Agency, only publishes the award of 562 places.

The Regional Ministry of Health published last January the order to fill 710 Family and Community Medicine positions, of which 401 corresponded to area doctors, who are assigned to a health area instead of a health center. These are professionals who, for the most part, perform continuous care functions, but also substitutes, depending on the needs of each health center. The rest, 309 vacancies, are team vacancies, so they will be in a consultation room of a health center. In the end, today’s resolution publishes 273 area physician vacancies, so 128 positions have not been filled.

Support for Belarusian opposition in criminal case

Alejandra Jacinto (Madrid, 1989) thinks that both Isabel Díaz Ayuso and José Luis Martínez Almeida are “mortally wounded” by corruption. In this context, the left must get to work, she thinks, to advance towards the configuration of a political project that, above all, must “incorporate civil society”.

Jacinto believes that it is early and reckless to talk about acronyms, organizations and electoral lists, but warns that this project cannot “be satisfied with leading the opposition either in the Community or in the City Council of Madrid”. “We are facing a moment of political exceptionality and we have the opportunity to dislodge the right wing”, he adds.

In Madrid, in particular, there is talk of uniting all that is to the left of the PSOE, but Yolanda Díaz has insisted that she does not want to represent that “little corner” that the socialists leave her, that she aspires to something else, perhaps to appeal to sectors that in principle are less like-minded.

We also have the challenge of reconnecting with all the people who may be committed to progressive values, to human rights, who are working in that direction, and to try to advance in a model of country and also in a model of region; I am thinking of many social entities that are working for and for human rights and that, perhaps, have not necessarily been voters of our political force, but we have the duty to try to incorporate them to that process to try to widen the space. In this sense, what Yolanda is proposing is the most sensible and, moreover, it is the most ambitious; it is in line with the spirit in which Podemos was born.

Massa: “Me apena ver a la Oposición peleándose por cargos”

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Venezuela’s Opposition Denounces

Madrid, May 6 (EFE) – Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista made “the great political mistake” of staging a coup d’état in 1952 and there were “outrages” under his rule, but he achieved progress “never before” seen in the country, with no evidence of the abuses or corruption attributed to him, according to his son Roberto.

However, international media gave credence to all this. “There came a time -he explains- when the US denied weapons to my father, weapons that were paid for, which caused the collapse of the Army; therefore, my father could not finish his term in February 1959”.

“My father, from a very young age -replies the son-, was a born entrepreneur, a self-made man, with a tremendous capacity for work (…) He became an individual entrepreneur, a civilian person who could then carry out legal business and that is what we have lived on”.