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Mexico City – Farmacias del Ahorro, through the «Marca del Ahorro» (Savings Brand), has more than 700 generic medicines offered in each of its branches, which are manufactured under the highest quality standards by world-class pharmaceutical laboratories.

«Farmacias del Ahorro’s generic drugs are developed with the highest quality standards, have the health registration of the Ministry of Health in Mexico, issued by Cofepris and are audited by agencies such as AGGI y Asociados, which verifies compliance with national and international regulatory requirements,» said Gabriel Zavala, director of Private Label at Farmacias del Ahorro.

Generics are officially authorized drugs once the patent has expired, so they contain the same active substance, the same concentration, the same pharmaceutical form, use the same routes of administration and the dissolution or bioavailability profiles are the same as those of the patent drug.

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Our priority is to make sure you get the medications you need. You can decide on the most convenient way to refill your prescription, with options like contactless delivery to your door or pickup at a pharmacy in your network. It’s your choice.

Our priority is to make sure you get the medicines you need. You can decide on the most convenient way to refill your prescription, with options like contactless delivery to your door or pickup at a network pharmacy. The choice is yours.

Because your safety is more important than ever, we can ship the medications you take regularly in a 90-day supply. No contact, no delivery charge and you’ll probably save money too.

Not overspending on medications is very important. One of the ways we can help is to show you options for saving on your prescription drugs. Log in or sign up to see your personalized savings options.

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