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It’s you – Ali Gatie | English / Spanish Lyrics

The best app if your heart is broken and you are depressed! In this great app, Frases para un corazon roto you will find a selection of the best phrases for those who have a broken heart because of love. You can download these images of broken hearts and share them with your loved ones through your favorite social networks.

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Boulevard of broken dreams (Traducido en español e inglés

5294 viewsactualizado ABR 3, 2013editado por mcl020posted por mcl020 “la costumbre”… “una de esas adultas”… ¡Me gustaría ese trabajo lol! -Julii-, MAR 27, 2013Divertido encontrar caras en la comida. – katydew, MAR 27, 2013…es de los adultos(así evitas el artículo)…la vida con esa mala costumbre. – diagonx, MAR 27, 2013gracias diagonx ;-))) – mcl020, MAR 27, 2013Gracias por hacer esto habitualmente todos los días. – ray76, MAR 28, 201317 Respuestas9votos “Los malos hábitos son como una cama cómoda, fácil de entrar, pero difícil de salir”.

Cuida tu carácter, se convierte en tu destino. Cuidado con tus pensamientos, se convierten en palabras. Cuidado con tus palabras, se convierten en acciones. Cuidado con tus acciones, se convierten en hábitos.Cuidado con tus hábitos, se convierten en su carácter. Mira a tu personaje, se convierte en tu destino.

updated MAR 28, 2013edited by Jraiderposted by Jraider¿La mejor pregunta sobre el mal hábito? “¿Qué tal te va?” jejejejeje – katydew, MAR 27, 2013Y otra frase sobre esos malos hábitos tan desagradables ;-))) ¡Muy buena! – mcl020, MAR 27, 2013¡Tan cierto! – pmikan-pam, MAR 27, 2013:-) “…no les…” –Mariana–, MAR 28, 2013Gracias Mariana:) – Jraider, 28 de MAR de 20135votosTengo la mala costumbre de partirme los nudillos.

Love on the brain – Rihanna | English / Spanish Lyrics

Written and produced by Daniel Nigro, along with a few other collaborators, Sour is primarily alternative pop that juxtaposes upbeat alternative rock and pop punk songs alongside lo-fi ballads, driven by guitars, pianos and synthesizers. Its subject matter addresses themes centered on adolescence, failed romance and heartache told from Rodrigo’s distinct perspectives. Sour received universal acclaim from music critics, who deemed it a solid debut and praised Rodrigo’s musical versatility, honest lyricism and appeal to the Z generation.

Three singles preceded the release of Sour: “Drivers License,” Rodrigo’s debut single and the album’s lead single, which achieved worldwide acclaim and success, debuting at #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and propelling Rodrigo to fame. It was followed by “Deja Vu,” which reached the third spot on the chart, making her the first artist in Hot 100 history to have her first two singles inside the top ten. “Good 4 U” was released a week before the album and debuted at #1 on the same chart.